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DIY Bookkeeping

with Excel

You don’t need fancy accounting software to do your own bookkeeping. You just need a good Excel template (and some elbow grease).

Download the Template
Download Excel Template

How to use the Income Statement Template

Fill out the form, and we'll email the Excel Template. Then...

And if your business reaches the point where it doesn’t make sense to do your own bookkeeping, let us know --->  We'll do your bookkeeping for you.

Three ways this template will help you

We have built an Income Statement template in Excel that you can use to turn your business transactions into an Income Statement.

Piggy Bank

Save money on accounting software

Accounting software isn't free. Doing it yourself in Excel is.

Simplify Your Bookkeeping

Simplify your bookkeeping

Entrepreneurs often procrastinate on bookkeeping because the task feels daunting. This simple spreadsheet makes it super simple.

Generate an income statement automatically

Generate an income statement automatically

Once you've entered your transactions, the template will automatically generate an income statement. No need to hire an accountant or use complex software


Customize Your Account Categories

On the first tab, labelled “Account Categories”, add your Company Name, then enter all the categories of income, expenses, and cost of goods/sale that you use in your business.


Add Your Expenses and Revenue

On the second and third tabs, labelled “Expenses” and "Revenue" is where you’ll enter your transaction details—Date, Description, Category Type  (matching with the categories in your Account Categories tab), and the Amount.


Generate Your Income Statement

The fourth tab is where your Income Statement will automatically display. Just select a date range for the Income Statement you’d like to see (for example, August 1 to August 31), and voila, you have your Income Statement.

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