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The Accountant

She's just a laid back person working hard on a tough problem.


"Bookkeeping is a core point of pain for professionals, and I'm changing that."

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Ntianu Fraser (Silent N), is an Advanced Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor with expertise in accounting and data analytics. Ntianu empowers the efficiency and growth of small businesses by relieving the timely task of financial reporting - a universal point of pain for entrepreneurs - allowing them to focus on what matters most.

Her expertise spans over 16 years as she studied and practiced the incorporation of business and information systems, a subject matter in which she has since become well versed. Ntianu, has worked with various private firms including fin-tech giant, Intuit as a Lead Accountant.


She left the corporate workforce after 10 years to build her brand Nill Tech + Finance in 2017, and nurture a found passion for business owners as they navigate the incredibly confusing world of business finances!


Ntianu values the ability to provide entrepreneurs with financial insight as they exercise their passion for creativity, and reach their goals. After all, an informed client will be a great client!


Ready to get started?

Let's take accounting off your hands, forever.

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